POLS 4081 Spring 2018

Both the students of POLS 4081 and Dr. Hersey are honored to work together to shine light on the nonprofit organizations in our area.


Meet the educator who made this class, and this project, all possible!

Q: How do you think “Learning by Giving” is affecting other schools with similar programs, and our school?

A: They have been an excellent catalyst for these programs by providing some funding, last I looked there are about 35 schools out there that have this program, and they have been very instrumental in providing that money for students to use, and to be able to go out and make an impact on the world. Because of its foundings and the values of those that started and created the program, they’ve been able to provide an outlet of growth for students and to help them

understand the importance of philanthropy, and foster the realization that philanthropy is something we can all do no matter our resources.


Interviews with some of ULM's brightest!

Q: How has the philanthropic project impacted you personally as an individual?

A: Personally, this philanthropic project has made me want to volunteer and get more involved with local nonprofits. Once I finish this semester, I want to look for ways I can spend some free time doing something to help my community here and back home in Pineville, Louisiana.

Eric Carter

Q: How has this class changed the way you viewed the non-profit sector?

A: This class has altered my view of the nonprofit sector in that I now have a better understanding of what it entails and its vast impact on society in many ways that I had not thought of before. Previously, I had the similar view of many that no money is to be made for employees and that many organizations with higher overhead costs are deemed less preferable from a donor standpoint. From this class, I have learned the components, processes, and other factors that make the nonprofit sector successful, defying many stereotypical views.

Alexandra Lee

Q: What have you learned in this class that you can contribute to a non-profit's cause other than giving money, and or your volunteer time?

A: Helping to spread awareness and advocating for a nonprofit’s cause is a good way to contribute without contributing money or volunteering.

Donald Louis