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Welcome to the Learning by Giving Philanthropy Project by The University of Louisiana Monroe!


Dr. Leigh Hersey's Political Science 4081 Nonprofit Management class is excited to take on the Learning By Giving Philanthropy Project for the Spring 2019 semester! So far, we have had eleven local nonprofit organizations in the Northeast Louisiana area apply for the grant. We are looking forward to working and communicating closely with each of these nonprofits.

The class will individually review each grant application to see who is eligible and to decide which ones they want to review. Students will then be put in groups and visit their assigned nonprofit organization to get a feel for their mission and vision. Once each group present their findings, the class will choose which organization to consider for their final presentation. From the final organizations, the class will vote for which organizations receives the grants!

Students are being asked to connect their project back to the current course material in Nonprofit Management such as mission and vision, advocacy, and ethics. The class is excited to be involved in the community and have a hands-on applied learning experience with nonprofit organizations.

For any questions or requests for information, you can contact Student Ambassador Andrea Hernandez at hernania@warhawks.ulm.edu or 318-557-0731.

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