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Center for Children and Families Site Visit

The Center for Children and Families is a nonprofit organization predominately located in Monroe, Louisiana. The mission of the organization is to promote safe, healthy environments through advocacy, counseling, education, and prevention. The Center for Children and Families currently serves four regions of Louisiana: northeast Louisiana, northwest Louisiana, central Louisiana, and south Louisiana. The organization has expanded to serve counties within central Mississippi. The Center for Children and Families provides programs for disadvantaged children families within their service regions at no cost. The organization provides counseling by trained specialist and volunteer services through these programs: Children’s Advocacy Center, Broker’s of Hope, the Delta Initiative, Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA), Therapeutic Services, and Habla de Esperanza: Speak of Hope.

We spoke with Fundraising and Events Specialist Liz Gaught, and Clinical Director Emily Jones. During the interview we discussed the future of the organization and how the Learning by Giving grant can benefit the organization. Both Liz and Emily were very welcoming to our group. When we first arrived at the building the receptionist worked quickly to find our interviewees. Liz and Emily answered every questioned with confidence, both smiling while talking about their experiences. They both worked at the coalition for years, both starting out as volunteers. They agree and acknowledge that there is a serious poverty epidemic in the regions the organization serves. The organization is working to further expand these professional services, especially in the impoverished regions of Mississippi. Acknowledging the issue and providing services to relieve those in need is beneficial to achieving the mission. So, there was no surprise when Emily suggested we come back and volunteer. The Center for Children and Families relies on volunteers, especially in the CASA program. So, if you are interested in volunteering, the CASA program is great for those interested in law or helping children in the confusion of the court system.