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What are the key elements for nonprofit success?

To maintain a successful nonprofit organization there are a few elements everyone looks for when deciding who to donate to. First and foremost, the organization must be trust worthy, no one likes to donate to a questionable organization. Donors will be less likely to donate to organization that are not credible and reliable. Nonprofits gain donor support by holding themselves accountable for the dealings of their organization. They do that by following the rule of self-regulation which means voluntary adherence to standards that focus on values such as honesty, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, compassion, responsibility, and accountability. being open and organized with all their business, all transactions should be recorded, held on file, and available to all donors. Nonprofit organizations also have the responsibility of abiding by all legal requirements which include registering for local/state/Federal agencies, filing IRS Form 990 and complying with local, state and Federal laws. Nonprofits are typically considered legit when they are viewed as being trustworthy, meaning they must remain honest, keep their promises, and be fair with everyone involved. There are 4 areas of trust, first donation must always be used for its intended purpose. Information given to the organization must be kept private and confidential. Also, Fundraiser should never be swayed by conflicts of interest. Lastly, the nonprofit organization should always conduct ethical decision-making. Another important element meant to deem success for any nonprofit organization is having a clear ethical position. There are 3 sure ways to know if you’re making the right decision for the organization. The first test is the stomach test, before finalizing a decision you must ask yourself does the decision sit right with you or is it disturbing your peace? The second test is the Grandfather test, you must ask yourself if you would feel comfortable telling your grandfather about your decision or would you feel a bit ashamed? The final test is the 60-minute test, before finalizing your decision you should wait at least give yourself an hour to sit and ponder on all of the possible outcomes that could come from your decision. Another element most people tend to forget that comes along with maintaining a successful nonprofit is the competition. Nonprofit often find themselves competing against one another for the attention of donors, so they must always try set themselves apart from other organizations. Nonprofit organizations can often reach this goal through positive representation and building a strong reputation.