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The Children's Coalition

One project that we are working on involves partnering with the Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana. Earlier this semester, we had the privilege of hearing from Lynn Clark, Executive Director of the Children’s Coalition of Northeast Louisiana. She educated our group on the types of services this nonprofit offers, and, due to its large scope of services, informed us of a project proposal for our class. During this project, teams of students in our class will be creating maps of resources for those in need while providing easy access to these services in a precise and orderly fashion, making the process easier for the individual seeking help. Our teams will create these routes by going down them firsthand, gathering data on the individuals circumstance through mock case studies, and applying them by creating maps that provide routes for a wide scope of individuals in need.

I am very excited to see all the success that our class will achieve! Luckily we are all able to be on the giving end of nonprofits during this time in our lives, and because of this, I feel very fortunate. If it were not for this class, I, and I suspect many of my classmates, would not have the resources to be able to gift this much money to a nonprofit. The education that comes alongside this project allows for us, all at such an early age, to see the inter-workings of money and its placement in a nonprofit. We are also afforded the opportunity to donate our time by helping the Children’s Coalition and this pursuit, allowing us to witness an effective outcome. This project alone exemplifies how a few individuals can come together and makes positive and direct changes that allow for a more easily accessibly path to social upward mobilization in our beautiful Monroe. Keep checking back to see our progress!