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The Application Process

There were several nonprofit organizations that have applied for this grant. The grant is worth $5,000 in order to help the nonprofit organizations to help excel in their mission. The nonprofits that applied are the Center for Children Families, Chenault, Food Bank NELA, Grace Place, Heroes, Junior League, Ouachita Green, Saving Paws, Sickle Cell, and To Our Destiny. In order to check the credibility and standpoint on these organizations to identify if they are eligible for the grant, certain steps needed to take place. The first thing that happened in the process of selecting recipients for the grants was an application that had to be submitted from each organization to answer questions regarding their eligibility for the grant. To be eligible an organization would have to serve in the Northeast Louisiana area and follow the grant’s requirements of a nonprofit organization to help people.

The class had a few steps in order to identify if each application would fulfill the guidelines of the grant’s requirements. The first step of the selection process that the class took was to evaluate the applications that were submitted by the nonprofit organizations and see if they are eligible to receive the grant. After reviewing each nonprofits application and sorting through to locate the eligible ones, then each person in the class was to fill out the applicant review and select the applicants that they feel meets the requirements and would like to do further research on. I personally liked the Sickle Cell organization, because I had a friend with Sickle Cell and saw how it kept him out of school and always in hospitals. It is a very serious disease where the body does not have enough healthy red blood cells. He still is in and out of the hospital, but never stops fighting. The other organization that I saw interest in was the Food Bank NELA. In high school I had required service hours to fill every school year and my school participated in service days. One day we assisted a food bank, Second Harvest, in creating food bags for the people. It was a good experience and it felt good to help others.

Each individual person in the class is put into different groups in order to see if the information is accurate on the applications. The group I was put into is looking into Sickle Cell and Center for Children Families. Each smaller group will be in charge of two nonprofit organizations that they will have to develop questions for to ask the nonprofits upon visitation. The groups will visit their designated sites to see and ask any questions they may have come up with for the nonprofit organizations. There is a minimum requirement of two people per each group that has to do at least one of the two site visits. This is required so the group members can compare notes on the interview they conducted during the visit of the nonprofit organization. I am excited for the research and finding out more on how the organizations function.