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Sickle Cell Foundation Site Visit

The Sickle Cell Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is located in Monroe, Louisiana but there are also branches in other cities and regions. The main mission or goal of this organization is to enable individuals with sickle cell anemia to live their lives to the fullest extent possible unhampered and uncompromised by their sickle cell conditions. To increase the knowledge and understanding of sickle cell disease as a health problem through professional standards of administration, health care, public relations and fundraising. This organization currently serves 12 parishes in Northeast Louisiana and they have six programs that they are running. These programs include: Assessment of need, counseling services, medical assistance, transportation assistance, school-based education program, and age out program. The transportation assistance program is where the organization provides transportation for clients that live in rural areas without any transportation. The school-based education program helps educate and inform teachers and school faculty of the needs for sickle cell children and it ensures that the staff knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Mrs. Donna Thaxton, the executive director, one of the three women that we spoke with on our visit. The three women that work at the sickle cell foundation were very nice and welcoming to our group. When we first arrived, we were greeted kindly, we introduced ourselves, and then we were led into the conference room. The ladies started out the interview by introducing themselves and what their position is at the organization. During our interview, we asked about the future of the organization and how they would use the grant if they received it. Mrs. Thaxton says that she wants the organization to bring more awareness to the disease and make their walk-a-thon fundraiser as big as the Susan B. Komen walk-a-thon. And their other fundraising is a banquet that is held annually. If the sickle cell organization receives the grant, it will be used to help get a new transportation van. The transportation van that the organization has, is currently broken down. The Sickle Cell Foundation gets most of its funding from grants and fundraisings. All three of the women that we interviewed all said that they work for the Sickle Cell Foundation because they like to help these clients and see the impact that they have on the lives of these clients. The walk-a-thon fundraiser is coming up and if you would like to walk, run, or even donate the time, date, and location is on their website.