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Saving Paws of Caldwell Site Visit

Saving Paws of Caldwell is one of the many nonprofits making a difference in Northeast Louisiana. The nonprofit began back in April of 2011 starting off as a fairly small nonprofit organization, but quickly grew within the parish. They aim to rescue the animals of Caldwell parish that are being abused and abandoned. Joni Klarman is the president of Saving Paws of Caldwell and began helping the organization about four years ago because she saw a big need for animals to have a safe environment. Currently, the nonprofit has three programs and are working on the fourth. These programs include spay and neuter of animals for families that cannot afford it. They also provide mature animals that are used as service animals. The nonprofit’s services includes spay, vaccinate, tag, and set free animals because Saving Paws of Caldwell is a no kill shelter. Seniors and disabled veterans are able to adopt pets for free so they are able to have a companion. The wellness program they are pushing for will be for the elderly people in the community who need assistance taking care of their animals which includes grooming and baths for the pets. This is where the focus of the grant money would be put towards. These senior citizens are living off of retirement checks which are only about $700 dollars a month. At the moment, the nonprofit is working on moving to a new space where they will have more flexibility. Right now they are running out of Caldwell Correctional Center which has many restrictions when it comes to volunteers helping out. Getting the new place up and running, will definitely make a difference with helping hands being more available. The organization runs through supplies very quickly as it provides many services to the community. A few ways this nonprofit markets itself is through Facebook with liking and sharing their events promoting awareness in the community. They are also featured in the community newspaper. They do have an annual golf tournament and they also do bake sales which really help them gather money together. On our site visit, Joni mentioned that the nonprofit does not receive any government help so they are able to use the money they do have freely. Their biggest donors are local churches that give every year. Once the new place is set up, it will be easier for her to groom someone to help her out in running the organization. Saving Paws of Caldwell is a growing nonprofit helping not only animals but people who need them.